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Manage the menopause naturally without HRT

According to a recent study, the menopause typically lasts more than seven years, so you’ll want to make the transition as comfortable as possible. Fortunately, the symptoms of the menopause can be alleviated by adopting a healthy diet, taking beneficial herbs, and making lifestyle changes. This article helps you identify some simple changes you can make almost immediately which will help you manage the menopause naturally.

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Frieda the fibroid, and TAH with ovaries removed experience – Donna’s story

I knew I had a fibroid along with a phobia surrounding doctors, needles, hospitals etc. At around 41 I started experiencing pressure in the abdomen and a need to urinate more frequently, I ignored it. A routine medical picked up blood in my urine which culminated in an ultrasound and a cystoscopy which resulted in Frieda the fibroid being found. The medical team said it could be that I would make it to menopause and Frieda would begin to shrink, at this stage she was around 5cm.

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The truth about surgical menopause

Over 142 women had at least one ovary removed every single day between 2013 and 2014 in England and Wales. In Wales, the average age for women undergoing this procedure was 47. In England over 17,000 women had both ovaries removed and 15,000 had just one taken away before they were 55.

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Controlling the Menopause at Christmas

Controlling the menopause at Christmas is something that all women of a certain age may need to consider. Diet can play a large part in how menopausal women cope with the changes the body goes through during this time. Good nutrition can help reduce certain health conditions that may develop as a result of the menopause, such as osteoporosis and heart disease. With the festive season upon us once again, implementing these dietary changes may seem unrealistic. The good news is that with careful planning and monitoring, it is still possible to enjoy many foods during the Christmas period to enjoy a healthier and happier menopause.

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5 Days Post Op Hysterectomy – Sue’s Story

I am 5 days post op hysterectomy and my name is Sue. I’m 46 and had a total abdominal hysterectomy, ovaries and tubes removed on Thursday. I had been suffering with fibroids for years and it wasn’t till March this year I had another scan which revealed so many fibroids they couldn’t make out where one started & one finished.

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Jenny’s Hysterectomy Story

It all started several years ago … fibroids. A wait and see approach was taken by my doctors. Eventually due to bloating, painful nauseous periods (having to take time off work) low iron count and feeling very constantly tired,  I decided to see a gynaecologist.

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Hyalofemme Vaginal Dryness Moisturiser Gel Now Available on Prescription

Hyalofemme Vaginal Dryness Moisturiser Gel is a hormone free vaginal moisturiser which provides rapid and effective relief from the symptoms of itching, burning, inflammation and odour.

It’s pleasant to use and avoids the clumping and messy feeling seen with some other products. The good news is that from the 1st of July it became available for prescription by the NHS. 

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