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Hysterectomy is dead!

Of course this is an overstatement, but even though an exaggeration, it makes a firm point. I have been a gynaecologist for over 30 years and in that time-span, the practice of gynaecology has been transformed. It is now a great rarity to need to remove a uterus other than for malignant disease, severe endometriosis, prolapse, or enormous size. There are simply less risky, less painful ways of dealing with period problems and pelvic pain.

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Cheers – to new beginnings, bright colours and a bright future! – Michelle’s Story

I will start at the beginning as some of you may relate to symptoms I have experienced. 2 years ago, my periods were starting to get heavier and longer. This was very unusual for me, I was always like clockwork. It started to effect me emotionally and physically. I had the usual referral to the gynaecology dept and it was confirmed that I had fibroids.

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Unbelievable hysterectomy – Linda’s Story

I have called my story “unbelievable hysterectomy” because you would not expect this to happen. I am 60 years old and having a hysterectomy in 4 weeks, and I’m scared. Ten years ago I had a mirena coil fitted. Long story short, I had lots of pain and problems in the early years and have had lots of health problems too.

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A weight lifted – Sarah’s Hysterectomy Story

I’ve always had heavy irregular periods and we’re told I should probably consider having children sooner rather than later. I got married at 23 and started trying for a family straight away. I had five miscarriages, numerous tests and had diagnosis ranging from endometriosis – lupus – polycystic ovaries. All of which I felt were guesswork as despite having tests I always felt like I was never really taken seriously.

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