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British Police And Crime Directory Cover Kevin Robinson

An interview with Kevin Robinson, author of the British Police and Crime Directory

Hello everyone. And this week we are joined by Kevin Robinson, the author of the British Police and Crime Directory – a must have resource for authors in the UK looking to get first hand knowledge to support their crime writing.

Kevin has 30 years experience in policing both in and out of uniform across rural, urban and city beats in England.  He also teaches policing to the police force and provides specialist technical support and advice to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Eurocustoms as part of their anti-drugs and organised crime programmes and projects.

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Meeting Joel Orr, author of How to Write a Book

This week I’d like to welcome Joel Orr to the Thursday Throng author interview hotseat. Joel is the author of How To Write a Book: The Simple System for Writing a Nonfiction Book in 30 Days or Less, a book which many writers and would be authors might like to get hold of to help them in their quest to attain authorly success. In addition to creating his Book Program Method, he is also an expert in engineering automation and computer technologies and is one of the founders of Cyon Research Corporation, a publishing and consulting firm.

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