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Uterine Cancer

Shock diagnosis of uterine cancer – Vicki’s story

My mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1999 aged 72 and died shortly afterwards as it had spread. I went to my doctor and asked if I could have some sort of screening. Despite the fact there was no other family history of any type of cancer, my doctor agreed. So, each year I went for a CA125 blood test and an ultrasound scan (internal and/or external). They found that I had a cyst on one ovary but it was a normal cyst. So every year, I went and everything seemed fine and the cyst remained normal – but had grown over the last couple of years. No-one seemed concerned and thought it would go down as I am now post-menopause (59 now).

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Laparoscopic modified radical hysterectomy for cystadenoma – Clare’s story

I was referred to a gynaecologist for post menopausal bleeding 3 months ago. He did a vaginal ultrasound and saw a cyst. Removal of the ovary was mentioned as a possibility because of my age (55) but he first ordered a MRI for further information because of the bleeding. This showed a solid area in the cyst which I was told could mean borderline or early ovarian cancer so the decision was taken to do a BSO and hysterectomy within 30 days with the possibility of further surgery to the lymph nodes and omentum if the histology was unfavourable.

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It’s your body, it’s your choice – Louise’s story

I woke up the day after my work Christmas party with, not the raging hangover some of my colleagues might have, but dreadful pains across my lower half, the small of my back and down my left leg. My period was due, and being 48, I thought this could be the peri-menopause too! Joys of being a woman! But I really didn’t give it an awful lot of thought.

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Learning to deal with it – Carol’s story

I have known about and with the doctors advice having a yearly check on a cyst on my ovary, each year it gets a little bigger but no concern still …… Then in July 2016 I was called into hospital within a week to be told that the cyst is believed to have turned ‘bad’ and would need surgery to have it removed straight away along with a full hysterectomy and then introduced to a Macmillan Nurse ….. To say I was scared would be wrong, I was numb and looking back now I believed I was in complete denial of what was happening.

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My giant ovarian cyst the size of a watermelon – Laura’s story

The day I was told that I had a giant ovarian cyst I turned immediately to the internet for answers to the questions whizzing around my brain, but I quickly discovered that every story is a little bit different and finding answers quite difficult. Early on I decided to keep a diary of my journey, in the hope that it may help someone facing something similar. My way of coping with how anxious I felt was to approach it all like a work project (lots of research, preparation and organizing).

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My Little Ovarian Cyst – Elaine’s story

My name is Elaine age 57 and had TAH 11th July 2013. About end April, early May I was aware of putting on a little weight, and tried to do a few easy exercises to get rid, as we had a holiday booked for Portugal end of June and wanted to look good in holiday clothes. Tummy seemed to be getting bigger, so goes onto internet (bad move for anything medical) and found it could be possible IBS or food intolerance tried cutting out certain foods, didn’t seem to make any difference.

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