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5 weeks after hysterectomy – my story

Hi – I’m 52 and last October during my usual run along the river, I experienced severe pelvic pain. To cut a long story short, two cysts were found, one on each ovary. I was advised by two consultants to have a hysterectomy as the larger of the cysts contained a mass, which combined with high levels in the CA125 bloods taken, indicated a possibility of ovarian cancer. However, these CA125 levels kept changing and both consultants were of the opinion that I probably had endometriosis, but because of the question mark over the levels, they would continue as though I had ovarian cancer. It was decided that I should have a full abdominal hysterectomy.

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Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian cysts are very common in women of all ages, developing develop on one or more ovaries. They contain fluid and in most cases are completely harmless, often disappearing without the need for any treatment.

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Hysterectomy Recovery is Personal – Stephanie’s Story

Just thought I would add my story to this long list of very helpful encouraging information. I had been suffering with heavy bleeding and anaemia for about 2 years. In January this year my husband noticed a lump above my pubic bone. I delayed going to the doctors because we were expecting 3 grandchildren to be born anytime. My sons twin girls were born on 16th January at 4.15pm, then my daughters 2nd son was born at 4.15am on 17th January.

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Prolapse, fibroids, anaemia and ovarian cysts – Anne’s Hysterectomy Story

I had my two children, both boys, at aged 38 and 40, suffering a cervical prolapse temporarily after each.  After a few months with plenty of pelvic floor exercises, the symptoms went away,  until a relapse a some years later due to stress, I think.  Again, a period of exercising did the trick and I was prolapse-free for another few years.  Then the prolapse returned.  Now aged 52 nothing was going to make it go away this time.

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