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Time to look forward and not in the past – Tara’s Story

My story began in 2007 when I was 22 years old when I had to go in for a simple keyhole operation to have a look at my ovaries. it was day surgery so I was sent home a few hours later, only to find that the following day I was rushed back in to A&E by my partner, and got rushed in to theatre as my bowel had been scraped. I had to be opened up to fix my bowel and was in HDU for 7 days. Later on to find out that if I hadn’t gone in when I did I would only have had up to five hours to live was a very scary thought.

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Is it any wonder women are confused about ovary conservation at hysterectomy?

I’ve just read a research report that suggests that all women should consider having their ovaries removed when they have a hysterectomy because “women who had their ovaries taken out had lower rates of ovarian cancer and were not more likely to get heart disease or a hip fracture – which had been a worry in this group because of the quick drop in hormones that happens once the ovaries are gone.” The self same report goes on to do a comparison with an earlier piece of research which “found that women who had their ovaries removed were more likely to be diagnosed with heart disease and die than women who didn’t.”

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Removing the ovaries may increase the risk of dementia

There has been a long debate about the role that HRT may play in the prevention of dementia in later life, this is because it is felt that oestrogen may be key to it’s development in women.  Researchers who studied 1,489 women have now found that some who had one or both ovaries removed before menopause may be at increased risk for dementia.  They compared the women with another group of 1,472 who had their ovaries retained and studied both groups for between 25 and 30 years. 

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Should I have my ovaries and cervix removed?

Question: I have to decide whether or not to have my ovaries and cervix removed with my uterus, but I don’t know what the pros and cons are for removal of these organs. Can you tell me what the considerations are, aside from the fact that mine are currently healthy?

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Removal of the ovaries

A model developed by Dr. William H. Parker from the University of California, Los Angeles, and colleagues has demonstrated that women who have their ovaries removed before the age of 55 have 8.58% excess mortality by age 80 and those who have them removed before the age of 59 have 3.92% excess mortality.

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Increased risk of dementia following removal of the ovaries

1500 Women in a 30-year follow-up study who had ovaries surgically removed before menopause had nearly double the risk for developing age-related dementia later in life.   However, this increase in risk was not seen in women who had both ovaries removed and were also treated with oestrogen until at least age 50.

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The menopause munchies

Researchers in the United States have found that monkeys whose ovaries are removed eat 67 percent more food and gain 5 percent of body weight in just a few weeks.

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