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Building Brand YOU with Linkedin 0

Building Brand YOU with Linkedin

We all lead increasingly peripatetic lifestyles. Unlike our parents and grandparents we no longer have the security of a single employer or even a single career. Instead we can look forward to multiple employers, perhaps self employment and most definitely a ‘portfolio career’.

The mysterious art of creating the perfect personal brand …. 1

The mysterious art of creating the perfect personal brand ….

We’ve come a long way in the few years that this has started to become part of popular culture, we’ve seen celebrities come and go and they are no longer just the actors and actresses. A great example of the degree of the change that has occurred is in the rise of the people who are famous simply for being famous – who have no discernible talent, skill or knowledge but who have a knack (perhaps that’s a skill after all!) for being in the right place at the right time and being seen with, and around the right people.

It’s all about YOU! 0

It’s all about YOU!

Online profiles, particularly those on LinkedIn should be reflective of where you are NOW in your life rather than a representation of where you have been in the past. Of course, your past experience matters, but only because it often informs your present state.

Personal Branding Blogs 0

Personal Branding Blogs

There are so many conflicting opinions on how to go about the task of personal branding, and my take on it is just one of many, that I thought a post listing some of the key blogs in this area might be of use to readers.

Creating helpful and descriptive headlines 0

Creating helpful and descriptive headlines

When people find you in searches on Linkedin, or when you are being active within the Group discussions or in Linkedin Answers; the first thing they see is a little box that has your name, your photo (assuming you’ve chosen to add one) and a ‘headline’ or baby bio.