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Ten steps to a LinkedIn Profile

There are TEN key things you should consider when writing or updating a profile on LinkedIn:

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Personal branding, social intelligence and self presentation – oh my!

There is an inextricable link between social intelligence, self presentation and personal branding and the astute business or entrepreneur will recognise the value of what is often termed their ‘human capital’ (a horrible term in my opinion and almost as bad as human resources … too production line like for me). If a business can persuade their staff to work on their behalf by utilising their expertise and skill in arenas that are outside of the normal business operations then they can build a strong brand identity.

The presentation below gives some great ideas about how business brands and personal brands (aka self presentation) can work in harmony together to achieve mutually acceptable goals.

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Building Brand YOU with Linkedin

Towards the back end of last month I was invited to present to the Dorset branch of the Chartered Institute of Marketing at a brand new event they were promoting designed to introduce members, students and academics to the benefits of digital marketing.  My 15 minute slot was to be about Linkedin strategy, but what can you really talk about in just 15 minutes.  Never one to pass up a good challenge though I set forth on the journey to condense the wonder that is Linkedin into just a quarter of an hour, hoping along the way to motivate those present to get started on building their personal brands.

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The mysterious art of creating the perfect personal brand ….

A personal brand is a funny creature, part reality and part  manufactured.  It’s purpose is to create an image, to which one then has to live up to.

We’ve come a long way in the few years that this has started to become part of popular culture, we’ve seen celebrities come and go and they are no longer just the actors and actresses.  A great example of the degree of the change that has occurred is in the rise of the people who are famous simply for being famous – who have no discernible talent, skill or knowledge but who have a knack (perhaps that’s a skill after all!) for being in the right place at the right time and being seen with, and around the right people.

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It’s all about YOU!

Yes really, personal branding is guess what ….. all about YOU!    Ok, so you realise that or you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog post would you?  But do you really know who you are?  No really, who are you, who is the person that you are showing on LinkedIn for instance?

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The quality of your email address

Let’s say you have a website for your business and you are selling a product or service that requires people to have confidence in you and your product or service.  Let’s also say that your email address is something like , what sort of impression do you think that might give to people who are contacting you?  I know that for me, I’d always think twice about whether I actually engage with someone whose business won’t even run to a personal email address.

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YOU are your personal brand

One of the big areas for expansion in Internet Marketing is likely to be that of the Personal Brand.  Today, we can no longer rely on a job for life with just one company and we need to be constantly updating and adapting our sets of knowledge and skills, not only to allow us to work but also to keep pace with the changes in technology.

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Creating helpful and descriptive headlines

When people find you in searches on Linkedin, or when you are being active within the Group discussions or in Linkedin Answers; the first thing they see is a little box that has your name, your photo (assuming you’ve chosen to add one) and a ‘headline’ or baby bio.   Unfortunately what most people do is leave their job title in their headline and there is nothing LESS likely to attract attention than something that doesn’t say anything.  However, you do have the option to change it and change it you should.

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