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Radical hysterectomy due to cervical cancer – Amanda’s story

Hi well what a whirlwind it’s been. I’m 44, married and busy mum of 3. Had my first abnormal smear in July which resulted in a LLETZ procedure in early August. 4 weeks later when I thought things must be ok I was called to see the consultant and was diagnosed with cervical cancer on 4th September. CT, MRI and several appointments later I was booked in for radical hysterectomy, removal of both ovaries and lymph node dissection on 21st September.

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My Radical Hysterectomy Badge of Courage! – Chelle’s Story

Hiya, I had a radical hysterectomy 11 weeks ago this Saturday. I had extreme endometriosis, the pain had took over my life, I also have MS so I had to do it, although it is the total opposite of what I wanted. I am 43 without children, I had Clamidya as a young woman and didn’t know and it fused up my fallopian tubes which couldn’t be repaired as they were also fused also to my womb. I so wanted children, we did IVF 3 times and it didn’t work, I decided that I best not try again as the second & third time it made my MS bad.

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Hysterectomy Recovery – Marie’s Story

Haven’t really had chance to mull over what’s happened, things happened so fast. Had a routine colonoscopy in feb and consultant felt a fibroid so suggested a gynae scan. Colonoscopy all clear & symptoms put down to IBS. Gynae scan told everything ok but insisted I saw DR. Blood test showed inflammation of ovaries so within a week seeing another consultant. Suggested MRI which I had following day, then CT scan the following week.

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Abdominal Radical Hysterectomy and Cervical Cancer – Amy’s Story

Hi, I am 43 and live in South Wales, I have 2 children 16 and 22, a hubby and my 2 dogs 🙂 My story started late in November 2012, when I decided to make an appointment at our local surgery to have my Mirena Coil changed, as I was there and my smear was due within the nest few months, decided to get it done at the same time (hating the speculum only doing it once seemed like a good idea). This is where my head spinning journey started.

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