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Recovery from hysterectomy followed by post-op sepsis – Helen’s story

I have suffered from heavy periods all my life. A couple of years ago, as I reached 50, my periods became almost endless, flooding and very painful. After trying the pill, tranexamic acid, iron tablets and a host of other things, and having anaemia for months I opted for an ablation. The ablation failed and I was left with heavier bleeding and more pain.

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The post hysterectomy home remedy kit – by Alison

I do not wish to share my hysterectomy story, pre-op or the op itself, as all was very straightforward by all accounts. However I do want to share my post hysterectomy home remedy kit, this is a selection of the things I found invaluable during the initial post-op recovery in hospital, and in the following weeks at home.

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Belly Pain

Troublesome fibroids

I discovered I had troublesome fibroids about 16 years ago, I was 36 at the time. The first one was large and causing some very heavy bleeding. My gynaecologist at the time suggested a hysterectomy as I already had my children, I felt hysterectomy was a very drastic measure at 36 and went on a waiting list for a new non invasive surgery called fibroid embolisation.

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The Hysterectomy Post-Op – Himani’s Story

I am 6 weeks post op now after getting a TLH (Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy) done. Have read tons of blog posts, Googled on medical information and also found answers to my never ending questions that I was never prepared for in the first place, before going in for the surgery. This is an attempt to combine as much information about the hysterectomy post-op as possible based on the above reads as well as my own experiences.

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A Very Happy Hysterectomy – Fe’s Story

Hi Ladies (and gentlemen) I had a TAH (total abdominal hysterectomy) and BSO (bilaterial salpingo oophorectomy) on 3rd December 2012. As with many of us my route to a hysterectomy was long, painful and at times frustrating. I had been suffering with heavy periods for some years and had tried, unsuccessfully, to get some sort of relief with my symptoms.

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