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The Yellow Ribbon Chronicles Cari Schaeffer

Meet Cari Schaeffer, author of The Yellow Ribbon Chronicles

In this week’s Thursday Throng author interview, writer Cari Schaeffer get’s to sit in the hot seat and talk about her life as a writer. Her latest series is inspired by her life in the military, as a US Air Force veteran.

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Are you a woman on the edge of reality?

I love reading, I guess it’s one of the things that makes me want to write.  I love to read anything from non-fiction books that teach me something I need to know or challenge my assumptions about this thing we call life to fiction works of many authors from Jostein Gaarder and his philosophical conundrums and questions, through various characters of the unique Alexander McCall Smith books and right up to the works of authors such as Joanna Trollope, Erica James, Rebecca Shaw and Judy Astley.  

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