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Google webmaster tools for authors

Maybe you’ve heard about Google Analytics, Google Adwords or even Google Adsense, it’s companion programme. But few people I’ve come across, authors included, have heard of Google Webmaster Tools and yet, it’s brilliant little service...

The Business Case for WordPress 0

The Business Case for WordPress

There are many benefits to using wordpress software (as opposed to the free blog from wordpress.com) and this short post outlines the top 15 – in my opinion of course!

Google adds Caffeine to it’s offering 2

Google adds Caffeine to it’s offering

For those of us interested in the way that SEO (Search Engine Optimisatio) works with the various search engines, the introduction of a new project by Google, dubbed Caffeine, could have serious implications for those sites who have been sitting back on their laurels for the last few years secure in the knowledge that they had a good link strategy and longevity on their side.