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Social Media Marketing 0

Social Media Marketing

The world is a’changin as the song goes; and this is even more in evidence when we consider the massive alterations that access to the Internet has given us in terms of connecting information...

What is Business Social Intelligence? 0

What is Business Social Intelligence?

Business Social Intelligence takes Social Intelligence and mixes it with Social Networking for business. It explores how you can make so much more of your online presence by applying your own natural skills and abilities of socialising in a more pragamatic and effective way.

Social Media Recruitment Report 0

Social Media Recruitment Report

Despite the vast amounts of money spent on advertising the availability of radio for rescruitment – only 3% of our respondents had used in the last 12 months. Social media was 6% MORE popular than traditional advertising. Almost 70% of the respondents reported that their cost per hire was less than £1000. Unsurprisingly perhaps, this reflects the reduced costs were cited as the biggest drivers towards the use of Social Media

The Final Day of the 30 Day Challenge 2

The Final Day of the 30 Day Challenge

The social networks proved to be the greatest source of activity on the website and consequently sales and it would be fair to say that almost everyone that actually visited the LinkedIn Made Easy sales page on this site bought the book