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HRT Benefits vs Cancer Risk Research

Research into women’s perception of the link between HRT benefits vs cancer risk is currently being undertaken at Edinburgh Napier University.

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Please help us with our survey into the information needs of hysterectomy patients

The most common complaint we hear from women who are having a hysterectomy is that they have never been given enough information. We would like to change this experience and to do so we need YOUR help to tell us what your information needs are and how YOU would have liked to access information. Taking this survey will also help us to provide input into the NHS to help them improve their information services for patients. It should take no more than about 6 -10 minutes to complete and we will be eternally grateful for your input. Continue reading
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Can you help us decide future information needs?

In the mid 1990's research suggested that women were not being given enough information to make informed choices about hysterectomy and hormone replacement therapy. Anecdotal evidence suggests that not much has changed in the interim. The Hysterectomy Association is re-doing their original research survey to see what, if any differences, there are 15 years on.
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