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Practical preparation for your hysterectomy – Irmagean’s story

Irmagean shares some practical preparation and knowledge of her hysterectomy earlier this year. In 2011 I was referred to an OB to discuss my heavy periods as a result of fibroids, at that time she suggested an IUD. While it was good having no periods with the IUD, I was having a period every day with light bleeding which required a light panty liner. I removed the IUD after a few months.

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Hysterectomy and cancer – Judith’s story

My story starts in the middle of 2010 when I started having increased frequency in my periods and by November 2010 they had become unbearable with flooding, which was getting to the point of interrupting with my home and work life. My colleagues at work kept losing me and I had to carry a change of clothes with me wherever I went. At this point I went to the GP and asked for a gynaecologist referral, which thankfully because of having a good Dr she agreed to refer me.

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My hysterectomy experience – Jean’s story

Hi this is my experience of having a full hysterectomy, I had suffered many years with heavy periods and anaemia. From pills and more pills, to ablation nothing worked. I have completed my family and at 47 I wanted to get my life back as I felt as though my life was worked around my period. Holidays, days out, shopping and the relationship with my husband.

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TAH hysterctomy, large fibroid – Lisa’s story

My Story – Hi I am 46 and was diagnosed with 2 small fibroids six years ago. I was told to go away and was not monitored. At that time there was very little information about fibroids. Last year on holiday I noticed a large mass in my abdomen which turned out to be a now very large fibroid (size of a 24 week pregnancy). I was very lucky that the only symptoms I suffered from were heavier periods and the feeling of a full bladder during the day and the night. I was advised by my consultant that as my childbearing days were over that a hysterectomy was a good option. There is a lot of information now about fibroids and I wish when I was diagnosed six years ago that I had insisted on being regularly monitored and insisted on a less invasive form of treatment.

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Only 14 days since TAH – Anne Marie’s story

After years of heavy periods and then the diagnosis of a fibroid (size of cricket ball) my GP referred me to see gynaecologist at my local hospital. My husband and I went along to the consultation and she really did listen to me. I explained how the symptoms were affecting my life, marriage, etc and she offered me either ablation for the 2nd time or TAH. Without hesitation I chose TAH.

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Suffering before, during and after a total abdominal hysterectomy – Debbie’s story

I am 7 days post op of a total abdominal hysterectomy. I am looking for support and to be able to share my story as at the moment I feel very alone even though I’m trying to be positive. I’m not good at resting as I have always kept myself busy. Being out of control and relying on time to recover is really hard. At times I’m emotional and feel my life is on hold and other times I accept time is a great healer and I should enjoy the opportunity to sit with my feet up cause I’m allowed.

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