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The fight never stops – Joanne’s Story

I had a long history of gynae problems and therefore am very lucky to have three beautiful daughters. My husband and I decided we wouldn’t have anymore children, as we didn’t want our existing children to be put on or not have everything we could give them. Then, when our youngest was 6 and I’d had the mirena coil fitted for four years, I had an ectopic pregnancy. I was so shocked and obviously all the weeks following that, I was a nightmare. Emotions all over the place. I decided throwing myself straight into work thinking it would help, to pretend nothing had happened. My relationship with my husband and children was distance, as I felt like a failure.

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Day 5 of my new life after fibroids! – Caroline’s Story

I found this site so helpful in the run up to my operation and made a promise that I would add my own experience when the time was right. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy 5 days ago due to a large fibroid and multiple others. Unlike some women, I didn’t have years of agonising over the operation, I saw my Consultant privately in July and was told any other procedure would only bring temporary relief so we made the decision to go straight to a hysterectomy but to leave my ovaries in if they were not diseased. I am 42 years old and have a grown up daughter. Whilst I do not want more children not having the option is something I needed to come to terms with – my amazing daughter summed it up beautifully for me when she said its not that you can’t have them its just that you can’t incubate them yourself. Those words have proven invaluable in moments of doubt.

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Hysterectomy?…..Yes please! – Francesca’s Story

Hi, thank you for taking the time to read my story 🙂

Where do I begin??

I’m 31 and suffering with a very large submucousal and pedunculated fibroid, growing from the back wall of my uterus that is as large wide as it is long. My extended womb presses on my bladder and bowels, causing chronic constipation and regular UTI’s + all of the other horrid symptoms I won’t mention. The bleeding has always been my biggest problem though, losing up to a litre of blood every couple of weeks. It frightens me and I don’t have the life I would like because of it. My social life is non-existent and I struggle to take care of my only child sometimes.

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Constipation and my intestines after TAH/BSO – Gretchen’s Story

I had a TAH/BSO in June of 2012 after findings of precancerous cells of the uterus. The surgery went well and minimal pain afterwards. The feeling of my insides “sloshing around” in my abdomen wasn’t something I expected. I had a vertical abdominal incision and since the surgery the abdomen to the right of the incision has been a protrusion, as if my intestines had settled into a ball, in that area.

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Ending Years of Suffering – Katina’s Story

My name is Katina and I am 41 years old. Three months ago I had a total abdominal hysterectomy. I have always had a abnormal menstrual cycle, but last year in November my cycle started to become regular after 20 years. So in January I had a pap smear and my doctor told me that the doctor before her was doing the pap smear as if I had a hysterectomy. He was just testing the walls of my uterus. So she performed a regular pap smear and the results came back normal.

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Three Operations in One Year – Sally’s Story

My name is Sally and this is my story.

I’d suffered with my periods for many, many years; I had tried the pill, the coil & many various tablets to combat the pain & discomfort, nothing worked. Finally in August 2013 I was admitted to have the ‘Novasure’ laser treatment & was to be sterilised at the same time. Arriving at the hospital with high hopes that this would end some of the pain I had every month. After the operation I waited to see my gynaecologist before I was discharged home. She told me that she couldn’t use the laser treatment as my womb was tilted & was shaped like a heart but she still went ahead with the sterilisation. My heart sank as I knew the pain would still be there.

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Best thing I ever did – Debbie’s Story

Hi, I am 44 and childless and made one if the most difficult decisions in my life to have a total abdominal hysterectomy. I had large uterine fibroids that had basically taken over my womb. They were causing me to have very heavy very long periods (11 weeks was the record) plus I was in severe pain and some days unable to walk properly. They also effected my bowels and my bladder as my uterus was so big it was pushing on all of my other organs in that region.

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