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The Craziness Of It All – Liz’s Story

In July 2013, I was down in London for a friend’s big birthday and had a wonderful weekend staying with relatives. We arrived home happy and tired on the Sunday night. At 3am I was awoken by a pain in my stomach. At first I thought maybe it was food poisoning, or a stomach bug but the pain increased and I ended up crying out for help. I got back to the bedroom and asked my husband to call an ambulance thinking that so much pain may be a burst appendix, or that my umbilical hernia had got blocked, or something.

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Total Hysterectomy – LaTrice’s Story

I’m 36 years old a wife, mother of four and am currently serving active duty in the army for the past 7 years. I have abnormal periods but extremely painful! However, a breast examination sent me to my ob/gyn which informed that I would need a total hysterectomy removing my uterus and cervix.

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Hysterectomy Ruined My Life – Lydia’s Story

My hysterectomy ruined my life. I was given the option of having a full hysterectomy including ovaries removed as a precautionary measure when I had a potentially cancerous cyst at the age of 42. The alternative would have been to have the cyst removed and potentially have a second operation if it proved to be cancerous. I was warned that if I had a full hysterectomy I would have to go on HRT which brought a risk of cancer similar to that of taking the pill. I was given a leaflet that told me I would be able to have sex normally after a hysterectomy.

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One of Life’s Little Hiccups – Lesley’s Hysterectomy Story

Like so many other people before me, & I’m sure many more in the future, there comes a time in a women life when we can get bogged down with the discomfort, torment & anxiety of troubled menstrual cycles. Once we feel we have suffered enough & can bare the inconvenience no longer, we eventually seek help. This can be a long drawn out process & certainly helps if you have an understanding family, friends & medical practice to take you on a fruitful journey to a better life….

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A Total Hysterectomy – a fabulous drama three weeks in running! – Dierdra’s Story

On February 27 I partook in the drama of A Total Hysterectomy, playing the part of the patient who supplied the uterus, cervix and a couple of sizable tumors, that were amorously attached to the aforementioned body parts. I was fortunate to be in a location where a robot was available to assist the able bodied oncologist Dr. Wong, whom I hired to play the part of the doctor. The robot was played by none other then DaVinci, a great mind whom I have always admired from afar, and who rounded out this stellar cast. The alchemy of this cast carried the entire production to a very successful end.

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