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Uterine Cancer

Shock diagnosis of uterine cancer – Vicki’s story

My mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1999 aged 72 and died shortly afterwards as it had spread. I went to my doctor and asked if I could have some sort of screening. Despite the fact there was no other family history of any type of cancer, my doctor agreed. So, each year I went for a CA125 blood test and an ultrasound scan (internal and/or external). They found that I had a cyst on one ovary but it was a normal cyst. So every year, I went and everything seemed fine and the cyst remained normal – but had grown over the last couple of years. No-one seemed concerned and thought it would go down as I am now post-menopause (59 now).

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Ending Years of Suffering – Katina’s Story

My name is Katina and I am 41 years old. Three months ago I had a total abdominal hysterectomy. I have always had a abnormal menstrual cycle, but last year in November my cycle started to become regular after 20 years. So in January I had a pap smear and my doctor told me that the doctor before her was doing the pap smear as if I had a hysterectomy. He was just testing the walls of my uterus. So she performed a regular pap smear and the results came back normal.

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Not Prepared For Hysterectomy – Jan’s Story

Hi everyone. My name is Jan and I had a hysterectomy in 2014. Since 1998 I had a history of abnormal cervical smears which were treated in different ways many times. During that period I also had VAIN 2 pre-cancerous cells in the vagina. I have had bleeding in the urine from sept 2013 and was told it was looking like bladder cancer and was kept in hospital and underwent several tests. It wasn’t thank God. no reason for bleed given. Then as I still had abdominal pain and a history of ovarian cancer with grandmother they investigated me for possible ovarian cancer. Transvaginal scan ok and ultrasound fine. Then they investigated my bowel.

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My unplanned hysterectomy – Chrissie’s Story

I had been complaining of pain in the abdomen and heavy virginal discharge since my periods had stopped 15 months prior to my visit to the GP in January 2013. The GP referred me to a gynaecology clinic at the local hospital. After some tests I was informed I was suffering from stress and if the problems re-occurred then I should re-visit my GP.

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