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Looking Forwards

Don’t be scared of hysterectomy if you are really suffering – Jigna’s story

I am 36 years old now and I was diagnosed with 2nd degree uterine prolapse 2.5 yrs ago. The Dr suggested I try pelvic floor exercise to make my muscles strong to avoid surgery at very young age. (I had 2 kids with vaginal delivery), so I learned pelvic floor exercise from pelvic floor physiotherapist and tried for almost 10 months but didn’t get any improvement in the prolapse. It might have been because my tissues were damaged while delivering a baby.

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Not quite to plan, wound infection after hysterectomy – Elizabeth’s story

I am 66 and underwent a laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy (ovaries also removed) and extended vaginal cuff procedure due to VAIN and several dodgy smear results which colposcopy didn’t sort out. All did not quite go according to plan as I ended up with a wound infection and I hope my story will help anyone who feels unfit to leave hospital have the strength to argue their case better than I did. I feel that being discharged too early on 2 occasions caused my problems to be worse than they could have been and therefore made my recovery time longer.

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Committed to finding ME again – Rebecca’s Story

I’ve been relatively passive on here over the last few months, but feel that the time has now come to share how things are and have been for me seven months (to the day) since my vaginal hysterectomy. Firstly, I should say that the site and the support and advice offered to and by the women on here is invaluable, and I haven’t interacted as much as I could have done.

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Cheers – to new beginnings, bright colours and a bright future! – Michelle’s Story

I will start at the beginning as some of you may relate to symptoms I have experienced. 2 years ago, my periods were starting to get heavier and longer. This was very unusual for me, I was always like clockwork. It started to effect me emotionally and physically. I had the usual referral to the gynaecology dept and it was confirmed that I had fibroids.

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What are the odds of endometrial cancer! – Gwynneth’s Story

Having felt unwell and totally exhausted for about a year, after many tests and a tentative diagnosis of ME, I retired at the age of 61 from a job I loved. This was October 2013. I must have had every test going and the only diagnosis was would I accept ME or CFS as a diagnosis……ugh No! I know that I was not well.

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Hysterectomy, it’s not all bad .. honest! – Sarah’s Story

I was told I needed a hysterectomy 2 years ago but I felt scared and concerned about how I would cope being a single mum – also how it would affect me as a woman, so instead I opted, against my consultants wishes for an ablation.  As he predicted, things did not improve and after much procrastination on my part, I was booked in for a vaginal hysterectomy and repair on the Tuesday 18th of March.

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New lease of life after awful bleeding – Angela’s Story

I have had a year if awful bleeding, clots the size of my hand etc. in May last year I had a scan which showed I had quite large fibroids and an enlarged womb the decision was made to have a hysterectomy after I had 3 months on the injection to put me in temporary menopause to try to reduce fibroids to make surgery easier (which didn’t work they didn’t shrink and I even had a couple more little one appear!).

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