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5 healing vitamins and minerals post hysterectomy

We all know that diet and nutrition play an important role in our ongoing health and well-being; after all we’ve seen the reports about salt, fat, sugar and all the other nasties over the year’s.  What’s worrying though is when what we thought was bad turns out to be good (in moderation) and vice versa. Those foods we’ve been avoiding all these years, because they were the worst thing we could eat, are in fact an essential part of a health diet. 

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Increasing vitamin D levels to help prevent osteoporosis

One of the risk factors contributing to an increased likelihood of developing osteoporosis is a lack of vitamin D. As we all know we get most of it from being exposed to sunlight for a small portion of every day; however here in the UK that’s difficult during the winter months in particular as the light often isn’t strong enough and the cold reduces our willingness to expose our bare skin.

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