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The Weekly Word is Neuter – What’s your alternative meaning?

I was talking to a friend about voluntarily neutering street dogs in Greece,’that’s a great word’ I thought, ‘I’ll have that on my blog in the weekly word slot’; and so here it is for you to dissect and play around with to your heart’s content. I spent a little time turning the word over in my head before finally coming up with an alternative meaning, eventually I decided on ‘the mound of sand that appears at the edge of the beach after high tide‘.

What’s your alternative meaning?

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Are you a Fidget? This is the Weekly Word

Fidget is a lovely word – it sounds all sort of bitty and chirpy which is what I associate with fidget’s – they can’t keep still and are forever on the move. I probably like it because it reflects some of my essential nature as well – I find it hard to settle and stay on any one thing, and am forever getting up and adjusting this or moving that; I’m probably a nightmare to have in the office.

Anyway, enough about me; my alternative meaning for the word Fidget is ‘Someone that receives counterfeit videos and sells them on’.

What’s your alternative meaning?

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The Weekly Word is Abstention

I have no idea why I chose the word Abstention as the candidate for the weekly word; I’m not known for my abstemious ways as I love to indulge in a mince pie or two coming up to Christmas, but when it popped up in an article I was reading I knew I had to have it for my collection.

My alternative meaning is ‘A fusion of alcoholic beverages mixed with Absinthe – the choice of mix is down to individual choice‘.

What’s your alternative meaning?

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Absolute – The Weekly Word for the beginning of December

When I flung out my request for ‘another word please’, the response was ‘Absolute’ – yes we know that it’s the name of the radio station and a brand of vodka (not that I touch the stuff you understand ….!), but it’s a good word – it sort of sounds ‘absolute’ – if you know what I mean!

As you know, I do an alternative meaning for the words I use and this week I decided to try and be clever about it .. let me know what you think. My alternative meaning is ‘A male guitar player that strums along the balmy beaches of somewhere hot and sultry‘.

What’s your alternative meaning?

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I Am Bidding You Adieu – It’s this weeks’ weekly word

Adieu is one of those words that I associate with black and white love stories; where the couple are forced apart before they can finally be together permanently. You rarely hear it mentioned these days, except in playful homage to those times; but it’s a fabulous word which resonates with all sorts of untold stories and unexpressed emotions.

I wasn’t sure if I should come up with an alternative meaning because of my associations with it, but then thought ‘what the heck, let’s give it a go’ and I ended up with “Adieu – a personalised advertising system that delivers on the spot adverts based on your activities” – gosh, isn’t that Facebook by any other name?

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Whimsical is The Weekly Word: What’s YOUR Alternative Meaning?

Whimsical, is a lovely word that seems to hark back to childhood when everything was lovely, nice and full of fairy tales with happy endings. However, it does have it’s darker side as we shall see in the rest of the post.

My alternative meaning for the word whimsical is “a calorie counter that judges the difference in consumption rates based on your gender“. Go on, what’s your alternative meaning?

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Especially for Billgncs; ASSAYED is The Weekly Word: What’s YOUR Alternative Meaning?

I love it when people get involved in my blog and take me at my word. Over the last few months I’ve been sharing my weekly word posts and I’ve suggested that if readers have a favourite word that they let me know and I’ll share it.

Today, I have my first suggestion and it comes from the lovely Billgncs who resides over at: admits his suggestion was purloined from Doug McIlroy at: and and the word is Assayed

So, I’ve had a few days to come up with an alternative meaning and the best I can come up with is “Assayed – the first time comic at a comedy club who is booed off the stage“. Go on, what’s your alternative meaning?

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Stilted is The Weekly Word: What’s YOUR Alternative Meaning?

I dug out my trusty Thesaurus when I was planning the words for this slot to the end of the year, and when I spotted the word ‘Stilted’ I knew that there would be a great alternative meaning in there. I could have gone with something along a cheesy theme, or a circus them or even a ‘staying where you are theme’; but in fact I chose the alcohol route and my alternative meaning is ‘a higher qualification in brewing poteen”.

Go on, what’s your alternative meaning?

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