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Thanks for thinking about contributing to my site, I’m always looking for new, innovative and interesting women’s health information, opinions and content from talented writers to help fulfil my mission: to help women make appropriate decisions about their health through clear, impartial information and peer to peer support.

What are you looking for from an article or blog post?

Something thoughtful, informative or educational that fills a gap in the information and knowledge I am already sharing on the site. My contributors cover a wide range of women’s health topics.

Who am I writing for?

My audience is mostly women. Over 60% are, like us, based in the UK. They have had, or are thinking about having, a hysterectomy. The broad age range is roughly 30ish to 60ish, but I do span either side of this. If you are writing about medicine and surgical techniques this needs to be about what’s available here in the UK preferably through the NHS (National Health Service).

Typically, they are looking for help and support in navigating what can be a physically and emotionally challenging time in their lives.

What topics should I be thinking about?

There are too many to list specifically but the following should give you a flavour of what we would consider:

  • Hysterectomy and hysterectomy recovery
  • Advances in surgical techniques – from a patient perspective
  • Conventional medical alternatives to hysterectomy
  • Complimentary and alternative health options for avoiding hysterectomy
  • Menopause
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Alternatives to HRT
  • Latest research into women’s health conditions that can lead to gynaecological surgery; such as endometriosis, fibroids, prolapse etc …
  • Healthy lifestyles, exercise and diet that meets a women’s health need
  • Reviews of new women’s health books
  • Research studies and scientific findings – with infographics if you have them

However, just because something doesn’t fall neatly into one of the above does not mean I won’t consider it. If you think it meets a need for my audience please send it over for consideration.

Ideally, I’d like original well-written and practical articles that address the needs, fears, challenges and burning questions of my audience. I’m looking for stand out content that is actionable, compassionate and backed up by real life case studies and statistics.

What I DON’T want?

  • Please don’t send me anything that’s been already been published elsewhere. Please check my health pages and the blog to see what’s already been written;
  • Promotional or sponsored posts, how to articles with little information unless we haven’t already covered the topic;
  • Medical jargon and terminology – if you need to use it, spell it out and explain what it is;
  • Posts written specifically for keyword marketing or paid links;
  • Press releases;
  • Anything else that shouts ‘spam’ all over it!

How much should I write?

These are only rough guidelines and I do accept shorter and longer pieces if they are engaging to the last full-stop.

  • Blog posts – between 600 and 1000 words
  • Articles for our core information pages – between 800 and 1500 words

General Guidelines

  • I take copyright theft and plagiarism very seriously so please don’t rehash other people’s work.
  • Generally I will source images for your piece, but if you have one you think would be perfect please do send it to us with a notification about where it came from and who owns it.
  • If you have some recommended further information links please add them to the end of the piece, please don’t embed them as I will strip that out in a basic text editor. Try to avoid linking to businesses (I reserve the right to add appropriate links during the editing process).
  • Use references where appropriate so I can attribute correctly.
  • Please tell me about any working relationships or partnerships you have with businesses you are writing about, the pharmaceutical industry or health/alternative health professionals.

Author Bio

Anything I publish will be credited to you with a short 50 word bio and a link to your website or blog, as well as sharing your post with my mailing lists and social accounts. Please send your bio with your submission.

I’ll also create a contributor account using the email address you send me so you are notified when any comments are left by my readers.

Do you have a preferred writing style?

The general style of the website is friendly and informal and I strive to use simple, non-technical language using the active voice

Subheadings, bullet or numbered lists and short paragraphs help my audience read more easily.

Quotes are fine, but they must attributed appropriately, as must reference sources

If you have a great headline, please feel free to suggest it, but occasionally I will use a more appropriate headline.

How do I submit a piece to you?

Once your blog or article is written please send it as a Word, RTF or text file to linda@healthyhappywoman.co.uk. It would be helpful if you could start the subject line of the email with the type of post you’re submitting, either ‘blog’ or ‘article’. I will contact you to let you know we’ve received your submission.

If you are submitting an article please let us know where you think it fits in the information section of my website.

Review process

I review all submissions to make sure grammar, spelling and content is consistent. If necessary I will make minor edits before publishing a blog post. If I really like your content but it requires substantial editing, I will return it to you with recommendations and you are welcome to resubmit.

Articles are also reviewed for a good understanding of the topic, references, a clear theme and evidence that a broad range of view points have been considered. I also fact check where I can and will cross-reference against established literature sources.

Publishing rights

Published articles remain the intellectual property of the author, though I retain the right to publish the article on my website and third-party websites through syndication programmes.


If your article or post is selected for publication, I will pay you between £10 and £50 by direct bank transfer or PayPal within 30 days of publication on receipt of your invoice.

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