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Improving your LinkedIn profile

Have you ever done a people search on LinkedIn?  If you have or if you’ve taken part in any of the discussions or questions, then you will have noticed that a description shows up underneath the name.  Which means that this is your instant opportunity to reach out to someone, without them having to go and read your entire profile first.  Something interesting will entice a reader to visit you, perhaps contact you or even do business with you.

Let’s have a quick example:

  • James Delaney Bishop: 15 years experience, providing profit improvement and mentoring services to UK SME’s
  • OR
  • JD Bishop: Business Consultant

Which do you think you might go for?  Need I say more?

BTW, these are completely fictional – I haven’t searched LinkedIn for these examples.

linkedin made easy pro advert

Linda Parkinson-Hardman

Transformational counsellor, coach and women's health advocate. Professionally I'm an information scientist who specialises in change management, culture change and adoption of digital technologies in large enterprises and organisations. I am a writer and author of nine books to date, and I've edited a further seven; phew what a lot for a Thursday afternoon :-)

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