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Soapbox by Kathryn V. Jacopi, winner of the Hysteria 2016 poetry category

If I could, I’d travel backwards in time to an 1816 bustling seaport. I’d wear jelly shoes

and a long t-shirt donning me in a cartoon bikini

―that’d totally freak ‘em out.

I’d find a crate,

step up and





arrest me and

I’d be the headline:

Immodest Lunatic Woman Shouts

Profanity. Before flash-backing home, I’d stop by

the press just for the artist’s rendition of the bikini-clad babe with freaky-deaky jellies.


Kathryn V. Jacopi, an English professor at Fairfield University, has an MFA in writing from Fairfield University and an MS in special education from Southern Connecticut State University. Her writing has appeared in The Elm City Review and online at Cease, Cows. She was accepted into the One Story Emergent Writers Workshop, 2013.

You can meet Kathryn on Facebook:

You can find Kathryn’s poem, alongside the other poetry runners up in Hysteria 5, the anthology from the Hysteria Writing Competition 2016. You can purchase it direct from The Hysterectomy Association online store.

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